Fort Whoop-Up
July 2002

External View of Fort Whoop-Up. The reconstructed fort is in Indian Battle Park in Lethbridge, Alberta. The actual site of the original fort is now on private land, about ten miles from this site.

View from the bastion of the fort.

Inside the fort.

Inside the fort.

The bunkhouse.

The bunkhouse. The first table is the same as the one in the photo to the left. The next room visible is the store.

Inside the store. The window through which trading was done is in the far wall.

The kitchen. The next room visible is the fort manager's room. Beyond that would be the carpenter shop and then the blacksmith shop.

The Northwest Mounted Police (Mounties) rented one of the fort's rooms for many years as an outpost. The principal NWMP post in the area was Fort Macleod, 35 miles to the west.

A skit put on daily by the Fort Whoop-Up Interpretive Centre staff: "The Mountie and the Whiskey Trader." The skit was performed in the bunkhouse.