Rosebud Battlefield State Park
July 2002

The battle was fought on June 17, 1876. It pitted General George Crook's  1000 soldiers against about 1500 Sioux and Cheyenne warriors. The battle was a tactical draw but a strategic victory for the Indians. Because of the battle,  Crook halted in his march to join Custer, who was killed with most of his command just eight days later at the Little Big Horn.
The battle raged for many hours over these hills with attacks and feints and sweeping movements. If you stand at the top of the hills in this view, you can see how tempting to the Sioux and Cheyenne was an attack on Crook's column camped unsuspectingly along the small Rosebud Creek in the valley below.
The park and battlefield are completely undeveloped, secluded and quiet. The Little Big Horn Battlefield is not far away. I visited there first before coming to the Rosebud Battlefield. While there were hundreds of visitors and a traffic jam of cars, busses, and campers at that historical site, there was only one other person in the entire park when I visited the Rosebud Battlefield. You can really meditate in the seclusion and silence.