Cripple Creek, CO
July 22, 2003

View of Cripple Creek from the mountain pass on Highway 67.

Another view of Cripple Creek from off to the left of the picture to the left. Taken from the train.

View of Bennett Avenue, the main street in town, from the hilly end of the street. At the far end you can see the Cripple Creek District Museum.

The Cripple Creek District Museum. It used to be a train station, with living quarters on the third floor. A wonderful building with a unique twisting railing going up the main spiral staircase. The actual building is browner than this photo shows.

View of Bennet Avenue from the second floor of the District Museum. At the other end of the street is the spot from which I took the photo from the hill.

The visitors' center in town is a refurbished train passenger coach. It stands between the museum and the train station.

Train station of the Cripple Creek and Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad.

One of the locomotives.

The inside of the locomotive.

The engineer and tour guide for the train ride. He kept up a narrative on a public address system. Funny guy.

Blacksmith shop from the old gold rush days. In those days the hills were covered with mines and miners' shacks.

Another one of the locomotives.

A mansion in town. The other side also had wonderful porches and railings and unique structures. The color in the photo is realistic- pinkish.

Victor, Colorado, another old mining town near Cripple Creek. Hence the name of the railroad.

The main intersection in Victor.

Mountains near Cripple Creek, on Highway 67 going north from the town.