South Pass City

This was my very first post to Facebook, November 5, 2013.

South Pass City! 

This was a Wyoming gold rush town. The boom started in 1868 and several thousand people lived there for a while. But mining didn't last long, and now the place is a ghost town. Though a few people still live there. It is now a State Historic Site: 

I have visited South Pass City several times over the years. I featured the town prominently in Jeremiah Bacon. You can picture Jeremiah driving a stagecoach down the hill above town, thundering across the wooden bridge over Willow Creek, and coming to a jingling stop in front of the hotel, the brown building with the porch across the front.

The following was my second post, the same day.

This is a view of South Pass City from the other direction. You can see the back of the hotel now. In Jeremiah Bacon Herb the stage driver gave Jeremiah fisticuff lessons behind the hotel.