South Park

Although Wyoming is probably my favorite state, Colorado has some great places too. 

This photo I took is of South Park*. I came across the area unexpectedly late one afternoon while driving west on Highway 24 between Colorado Springs and Buena Vista. I topped the summit of Wilkerson Pass (9507 feet) and suddenly this view hit me. “Oh, wow!” I pulled over to not miss the spectacular scenery from the vantage point I was at. 

And obviously I’m not the only one blown away by the view. There is a small Forest Service visitor center at the summit. I backtracked about a quarter mile and stopped there so I could take photos at leisure. 

I really like this photo. The lighting was just right so the colors were not washed out. The time of day helped and note the overcast sky. I’ve gone over Wilkerson Pass several times over the last decade, but I’ve never been able to take another photo as pleasing as this one I took in October of 2003. 

*A “park” in the Rocky Mountains is a large, high-altitude open area in the mountains. The name comes from the French word “parc” meaning game preserve. These mountain parks supported huge herds of wildlife.