Randolph Scott

Randolph Scott was born on January 23, 1898. He was one of my favorite Western actors. 

He was in about 100 movies in a wide variety of genre, but over 60 of his movies were Westerns. He was tall, lanky, handsome, charming, with a courtly Southern drawl; he was born in Virginia and raised in North Carolina. He aged well in Westerns. His features became burnished and leathery, and he was able to shift to more mature roles easily. He had lasting power in his acting career and became the actor probably most associated with the Western, the legendary tall-in-the-saddle hero. 

He was in his first movie in1928. In 1962 he made his final movie, “Ride the High Country”, with Joel McCrea, an actor with a similar career. The movie became a classic and is viewed as the swan song of both actors.  

Scott was very successful in business and was said to have been worth $100 million by the time of his death on March 2, 1987.  

The photo is from “Comanche Station” with Nancy Gates (1960). 

Randolph Scott often used a particular horse in Westerns, a horse that I thought was exceptionally handsome. I put together a two-minute video of Scott on this horse using clips I snatched from a TV; the movies were “Colt .45” (1950) and “Tall Man Riding” (1955). Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuwNBDnKEoM&feature=youtu.be