Pictograph Cave
State Park

This is a photo of Pictograph Cave in Pictograph State Park in Montana I took in August 2013.

I am fascinated by the lives of prehistoric peoples in the West. How did they live, what did they wear, what did they eat, who were their enemies, how long did they live, etc?  

People lived in Pictograph Cave for many centuries. As you can see, the cave is well up the face of a cliff. And from the mouth of the cave you can look out far into the distance of the valley below.

The people painted pictures (pictographs) on the cave walls and ceiling. The paintings, which lasted for hundreds of years, were much more distinct when first discovered. Alas, they are now fading in the modern atmosphere.

Pictographs are pictures painted onto cave walls and ceilings; petroglyphs are images etched into rock faces. You can find pictographs in Pictograph Cave State Park. A good place to see petroglyphs is in Petroglyph National Monument, just outside Albuquerque, NM.



I visited Petroglyph National Monument in June of last year. It was broiling hot. Wear a cap, take along a bottle of water, take your time hiking the trails to see the petroglyphs.