Little Snake River

If you take Hwy 70 west out of Encampment, WY, as I did in 2008, you eventually get to an even tinier town (population 25), Savery. This is the home of the Little Snake River Museum. The people I met were very friendly. They don’t get many visitors, so they are eager to help. See that fellow walking away on the right of the photo? I talked to him for quite a while, and I’m not even sure he was on the staff. 

The photo is of the Jim Baker cabin. Baker was a trapper, scout, post trader, and rancher. He was 55 when he built this cabin in 1873 by hand just a few miles from where it now sits on the museum grounds. The cabin served as a family home and a trading post and briefly as a fort. 

Baker got along very well with the local Native Americans, marrying two Shoshoni women and a Yantse (?) woman. I’m not sure if that was sequentially or simultaneously. But he fathered eleven children. He died in the cabin at the age of 80 in 1898.  

Continue west to Baggs and then take Hwy 780 north to rejoin I-80 west of Rawlins.