Jack Elam

 November 13 (1920) is the birthday of Jack Elam, whose real name was William Scott Elam. He was a well-known character actor in many Westerns. In his early years he played villains but later switched to comedies. 

His left eye was injured in a Boy Scouting accident when he was 12; another scout threw a pencil at him at a meeting. After that his left eye was either immobile or simply wandered on its own.  This gave him a sinister aspect for his villain roles but gave him a comical look for his comedies. His protruding eyes and rubbery face added to his highly recognized and unique facial characteristics.

He played in 73 movies and 41 TV series. My favorite movie of his was “Support Your Local Sheriff”, with James Garner and Joan Hackett. He just cracked me up in that movie. Turns out it was also Elam’s favorite movie. The photo is of Elam in that movie. Note his left eye off to the side. 

He died on October 20, 2003.