Buena Vista

Speaking of Buena Vista, Colorado . . . . 

One reason I like to take Hwy 24 west out of Colorado Springs is that it goes to Buena Vista. This is a view of the little town (population about 2500) from the rest area just to the east of the town. The town does spread out to the right a bit. The town’s motto is “8,000 Feet Above Average”.  J 

The spectacular mountains in the background are the Collegiate Peaks, so named because many individual mountains are named after universities: Mount Harvard, Mount Yale, Mount Oxford, etc. They are also referred to as the Fourteeners, because so many of the peaks reach above 14,000 feet. They are among the highest mountains in Colorado. 

I took this photo in 2011. But one photo can’t do this range justice; the mountains continue on to both right and left.