Ayres Natural Bridge Park

Wyoming, probably my favorite state, has many interesting features. About a dozen miles west of Douglas, WY and about five miles south of I-25 is Ayres (or Ayers) Natural Bridge Park. The bridge is 100 feet long and 50 feet high, and it spans LaPrele Creek. It is a delightful setting, and it was well known to emigrants on the Oregon Trail. Because of a tragic accident, Native Americans avoided the spot, thinking an evil spirit lived under the bridge. This, too, was well known to white travelers. 

I took this picture in August of 2012. 



The setting of Ayres Natural Bridge Park is picturesque. Note LaPrele Creek and the gorgeous cliffs. A photograph doesn’t do the park justice. 

The road to the county park is a narrow, curving two-lane. The park is small, with a small campground and a small picnic area. When I was there I got the impression that most of the people in the park – mostly families with small children – were locals. I suspect the vast majority of the travelers zooming along on I-25 pay no attention to the existence of the park and miss a real treasure. It was very peaceful, and I was sorry I could not have stayed longer.  

I’m scowling in this picture because I can’t tell if the little green self-timer light on my camera has gone off or not.