The Story

Forrest Macklin, cowboy and wrangler, stumbles across a large amount of money in southwest New Mexico Territory in the hot summer of 1881, in the process getting a flesh wound in the side. The money was stolen from a bank in Tombstone, Arizona. He can’t quite bring himself to keep the ill-gotten loot, but he knows a reward of ten percent of the money would be honest money he would not have to feel guilty about. And that reward money would completely transform his life—he would be able to buy a ranch and coax a woman to marry him! 

A local woman, Rose, takes care of his wound, and circumstances force him to take her with him as he starts a race to Tombstone to return the money. But is this a case of no good deed going unpunished? They have to run a gauntlet of thieves, tempted cowboys, deserting Army troopers, and even renegade Apaches, all the while trying to outrun the blood-thirstiest cutthroat in the Southwest.   

But they find that rewards can come from unexpected sources—if they ever make it to Tombstone alive.


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