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The Story 

Twenty-year-old Jeremiah Bacon has never fired a gun or even ridden a horse. Heís headed by train with his parents from Boston to San Francisco to start a career as a concert pianist. But his father is killed in a holdup of a Wells Fargo office in Point of Rocks, Wyoming, and Jeremiah swears to catch the murderers no matter what it takes.

He plunges into an entirely new world. His piano playing gets him a job in a saloon, where heís introduced to cowboys and beer, poker and brawls, and the beautiful, captivating Stacey. He grabs the chance to be a stagecoach driver to South Pass City and becomes equally enamored of Anita, the Wells Fargo agentís pretty daughter.

But it's his gunfighting lessons from Marshal Otis MacKenzie and his drive for vengeance that takes him into deadly conflict with the cold-blooded outlaws of the Red Desert Gang. He willingly puts his life at stake to avenge his father, but at the same time he also learns a lot about people and whatís really important in life.

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