Pipestone Civil War Festival, Pipestone, MN
 August 10-11, 2002
: Jim Janke

Cannon firing demonstration in the Confederate
camp. The cannon is 3/4 scale.


Part of the Confederate camp

Tent of the 1st Battalion, North Carolina Sharpshooters, Confederate camp.

Federal camp. Note the telegraph statio
 in the left foreground.

Federal camp.

Federal hospital tents.
Civil War era music performed by the 97th Regimental String Band. Much of the performance was a sing-along,
to the delight of the audience

"Hooker's Ladies" performing in the camp theater tent.

The "ladies" following "Fighting Joe" Hooker's Union Army of the Potomac in 1863 were referred to as "Hooker's Ladies." The term got shortened to "hookers," which has been used to refer to prostitutes ever since.

"Hooker's Ladies" entertain a man from the audience.

Federal troops off to the battle.

A panorama of the opening of the battle reenactment

Federal cannonfire from the bluff


Why it was often hard to see the enemy
once the battle had started.

The two sides engage. Rebel cannon are firing
 from the road in the rear.

More of the battle reenactment.

View from the Rebel side

On Saturday the Confederates won.