National Civil War Naval Museum at Port Columbus
(Port Columbus Civil War Naval Center)
Columbus, GA
August, 2002
Photos: Jim Janke


The National Civil War Naval Museum at Port Columbus had its Grand Opening in 2001 as the Port Columbus Civil War Naval Center, having moved from much more primitive facilities in a nearby park. It is an impressive structure, and the museum's collections are fascinating and outstanding. The museum is a must-see stop for Civil War enthusiasts traveling through Georgia, even if it means a detour to get to Columbus.

CSS Jackson. No photograph can do justice to the experience of walking into the cavernous hall and being greeted by the ghost-like remains of the Confederate ironclad. The colors in the hall, the dim lighting, the metal frame outlining the original structure lines, etc. It's an awesome sight. You have to see it. You have to be there.

CSS Jackson

Propeller on the CSS Jackson

CSS Jackson along with the model of the Merrimack (CSS Virginia) used in the Turner made-for-tv movie Ironclads.

CSS Jackson along with the model of the USS Monitor used in the same movie. As you can see from this photograph, you are able to get quite close to the Jackson, close enough sometimes to reach out and touch it. An awesome feeling.

CSS Chattahoochee

View of a display floor from the upper level of the museum.

Reproduction of the turret of the USS Monitor.

Reproduction of a portion of the USS Hartford, Farragut's flagship.

Closer up to the reproduction of the USS Hartford.

Real close to the reproduction of the USS Hartford.

A sample of the berth deck on the USS Hartford.

The Captain's cabin.


CSS Albemarle reproduction, docked at a wharf. The atmosphere in this display hall is also quite eery. It feels very realistic. You enter the structure through the side.

A view in the other direction.

Inside the casemate of the CSS Albemarle. To the left is the entrance to a theater which shows a short reenactment movie of the sinking of the Albemarle. Well worth the visit all by itself. I watched it several times.

Platform for the pilot, helmsman, and captain.

Bow gun.